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Hi, my name is David and I'm a... dot dot dot

"The Search for Iniquity"

David Nance
2 May 1980
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Hi! Well, if you're probably reading this, then YOU ALREADY KNOW ME!!! Don't see why I should catagorize myself into mere words. That is for you to decide after reading these journal entries, otherwise WHAT'S THE FRIGGIN' POINT?? Ahem, to put it in a "nutshell" if I had to, I'm a high-strung anti-social disillusioned self-obssesed detail-compulsive naive lazy shameless super-compassionate neo-hippie neo-rennaisance neo-classical nerdy 90-pound-weakling queer-not femme-not butch versatile moderate mediocre shy drama queen, and all-around-nice guy.

But, I'll let you pick your own adjectives for yourself once you've gotten to know me... from a hat.